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buy xbox 360 now or in agust?


hey guys am having trouble i really want to purchase an xbox 360 but i keep hearing this rumors about the new 65nm gpu coming in august ans its suppoustly going to solve the RROD problem now idk how factually accurate is this and with that said they also means that is going to run color and safe power based of what i read idk should i buy it now or wait till agust?

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  1. At this point, it’s just a rumor about the Jasper chip being released in August.

    Anyway, I would wait until the Jasper chip comes out because that should pretty much eliminate the ring of death.

  2. well at this point i will wait. the 360 seems good but rumers and stuff about 360 with blu ray and new chipset are starting to come true. just yesterday a company in china announced that they were in charge of making a new chipset for the 360. microsoft said nothing. the blu ray drive was also denied but later on microsoft said we dont know yet. but the 360 had a price drop in europe a month ago and will have on here soon. so if i were u just wait until u see when u want to invest. check some sites.

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