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Brink Update Patch 1.02?


I just got Brink for PS3 and when I popped the disk into the system to play it, there was an update the system said I had to install. I selected ok and the screen when to the downloading screen. This is where the problem starts. The bar that shows the percentage downloaded stops after getting to 19% and there’s a pop-up at the top right of the screen saying that I have been disconnected from the media server. Then I get an error message. I’ve tried restarting my system multiple times but the same thing happens over and over again. I have no idea what’s wrong nor what I can to solve this problem. I have a ps3 slim. Thanks.

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  1. just found this [url is not allowed]

    after more searching, it appears it was the patch bethesda promised would fix lag issues. my game certainly seems to be doing better

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