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Blinking PS3 Controller?


When i turn PS3 on, the controller doesn’t work. It just blinks. The lights 1-4 just blink. I press the PS button and nothing happened. Then i pressed a bunch of buttons and it moved but then it stopped. What can i do?

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  1. This is quite normal. If you have used many game systems with wireless controllers and take it to a friend’s house or a different console, it will never connect because it must be “synchronized”. Why consoles have this, I do not know, I really hate it. For instance, on Nintendo Wii or Microsoft xBox 360, you press the button on the front of the console and wait for the lights to blink, then you press the “Synchronize” button on the controller, and after like five minutes, they are ready to go.

    I like how Sony chose not to go with the crowd on this. They made it so that all you have to do is plug the controller into the system, and BAM! There you go. Instantly synchronized and ready to play.

    Sony thinks outside the box. Unlike Nintendo Wii which accepts ONLY SD cards or xBox 360 that ONLY accepts hard drives and mass storage devices, the PlayStation 3 Supports all of them!

  2. This might sound obvious, but did you hold it down?

    if you did and the lights eventually go away, then what the first guy said is right. it can’t find your PS3

  3. When the controller blinks, it just means it has lost the bluetooth sync connection with the PS3. Plug the controller into the PS3 with the charging cord, then press the PS button so the controller can re-sync with the PS3. Once the lights stop blinking (about a second or two), you can unhook the controller and continue as normal.

    Sometimes this happens because of a power outage (even a power surge can cause this), or the PS3 was doing something else and lost the bluetooth sync with the controller.

    There is no reason to be alarmed. There is nothing wrong with the PS3 or the controller.

  4. if you push the ps button and all the lights blink for a while then just stop, it means its not finding your ps3. i change tvs a lot with mine and sometimes forget to turn the switch in the back of the console on again and it happens all the time. make sure your ps3 is fully connected and try again. if that doesnt work, your controller is having problems connecting to the signal so you may need to call support line

  5. Hey! I know the solution to your problem. You know the USB connection cable that comes with the PS3? You just have to connect it to the Controller. The other side should connect to the PS3. Turn the PS3 on and press the PS button on the controller. It should then work. It’s just so that whenever you play on a PS3, it connects to that one only.

  6. that means that the battery is low, sometimes it gets so low that the controller wouldn’t come on, just charge it

    those other people are so clueless, i am 100% sure that it is a low battery

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