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Black ops theater mode query. Ps3.?


Got it linked to the Black Ops website and linked with Youtube fine. Screenshots are appearing fine but not videos.

Just beasted a game of free for all and have spent some time playing about with the replay, as i understand it, you can save 10 segments to make a clip, not the whole match, but you can only upload 30sec’s worth of footage? So thats a maximum 10 segments of 3 seconds each? Not much is it?

Is there a way for me to get the whole match onto my Laptop via the internet or some other way cos i’m quite proud of my lesson i dished out in this one.


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  1. You can try video taping it while playing the replay on your ps3 or record it using a capture card AKA dazzle. This is what I use, it streams whatever is on your tv to your computer.

  2. upload 30 second segments then save to your pc using a utube downloader

    like this

    start off. record the first 30 secs save then render. then the next 30 secs save then render so on and so on once you get to six download off of youtube and do over again untill movie is dun then put togeather with windows movie maker or apple i movie then save as mp4 and upload to utube


    if your on psn add me


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