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Black Ops has got alot harder, Wallhack?


I am 7th Prestige on Call Of Duty, I would regard myself as a decent player. I average more kills than deaths near enough every game of Hardcore HQ. I dont play anything else. but lately ive notice im getting killed alot more than killing and i have done nothing to change my game play. I have set guns that im used to. I just find myself gettin killed before i have chance to even aim but also i feel like players have some kind of bot simple because im gettin shot through walls alot and also players are walkin around corner ADS all the time like they no were i am. This seems to happen from alot of 0 Prestige players, like they have been banned before and had to create a new account. Can anyone pleas confirm weather or no there is a Wallhack/Aimbot for XBOX 360?

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  1. Try watching the game from their perspective in theatre mode to see if they are really shooting through the wall to kill you.

  2. No you are not getting worse, but in HardCore, people have to go slower and look around corners and stuff like that because you have very little health, you get shot 2 times and your dead.

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