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Best game for Xbox?


What is the best game for Xbox that is rated E or 10+ and is not a sports or shooting game?

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  1. Hmm I like Midtown Madness 3.it’s appropriate for kids, has a free driving mode, it’s like real-life, and it’s fun to play, as it has jobs you can do.

  2. Easily Oblivion. Huge game, has an intricate plot combined with many subplots. It is a classic RPG in terms of how it promotes leveling etc. AND has a massive amount of items, both magical and not. I beat in in about 80 hours – but I still have many subquests to finish. You’ll enjoy it; it has great graphics.

  3. well for original xbox, fuzion frenzy, amped & amped 2, don’t know if you consider them sports or not, psychonauts was pretty good most of the other good games are teen rated or mature

    for the xbox 360, open season and cars is pretty fun, oblivion is rated teen or mature depending of what version so disregard previous comments on it, even though it rocks. the lego star wars games, but wait for the new one that is coming out that is a combined version of the previous 2, other wise all other good games are rated teen or mature

    good luck and happy gaming

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