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Are console gamers stupid or what?


Ive been playing Battlefield 3 on 360 for 10 hours now and noticed that no one bothers doing the objectives and runs around in a giant maps. Its almost as if they dont even know how to play the game, I don’t even bother playing maps other than Caspian Borders because then, you are forced to do objectives as the map suggests.

I heard that PC version is so much better. Should I switch over?

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  1. So to the guy above me, even though I have beengaming since I was able to pick up a controller; I am not a real gamer because I play on a Xbox 360? That is retarded. PS3 is for babies who want their credit card info stolen. PC a gaming computer costs too much I am not rich.

  2. All fps games are full of these players. Finally though as a cod gamer we can thriugh it right back at “elite” bf players who always claimed they were better.

  3. DICE boss Patrick Bach explained: “The biggest difference between the PC and console version of Battlefield 3 is that we have 64 players on PC and 24 players maximum on console,” said DICE boss Patrick Bach. “The rest is more or less the same: we use the same engine, the same technology, the same animation system, the same lighting system. Our aim is to give the player the exact same experience and not try to dumb down the console version.”

  4. when i’m playing BF3 and i decide to help my squad by using a MAV for example i mark like 4 people right in front of a team mate on the other side of a wall and squad just runs the other way pisses me off then i just go rambo mode and win by myself on rush that is

    conquest on consoles should not be in the game, they made the maps smaller for console but they are still way to big for the player cap it should be TDM size maps with flags to cap

    i would play on PC but PC gaming bores the fu

  5. You are going to find idiots no matter what but based on experience you get the most idiots on Xbox. Ps3 and pc are the systems for “real” gamers (im not saying you have to be a real gamer to play them, just stating that they are the systems a real gamer would go for) so you do get less idiots. You will get more kill whores on ps3 because, even though it is as good as pc for real gamers, the morons own which ever console was cheaper for them at the time and so, although Xbox has MUCH more idiots, ps3 still has them. Pc, however is full of people with the “we play pc so we are more sophisticated” attitude and a lot of them believe that they are God’s gift to gaming. Idiots exist everywhere though, the only way to really avoid it is to organise a LAN party or something with people you know will play properly.

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