Home Playstation Forum are all playstation 3 cames available in Portuguese?

are all playstation 3 cames available in Portuguese?


I want to purchase a Sony Playstation 3 and take it to Brazil for a little boy. I assume the unit will have instructions in English but I am trying to find out if the games have the option of Portuguese. The Tv’s in Brazil are on the PAL M system but I think the game will still play ok in Brazil. Tell me what I need to know before I buy this thing. Thanks, Rio

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  1. dude unless he has a nice hdtv or a tv thats newer than 5 years old it wont do anygood yeah it may play on a 1995 tv but not a 1980s tvi predict you are doing this for a poor child and he wont be able to play it and he wont be able to charge the controllers,but if hes got a deCENT TV then i dont think its wise to bring a us PS3 to brazil or w/o country becuase the outlets could be different and it may smoke up.(happened to friend in UK)either find a ps3 in brazil or do something.btw the GAMES DONT HAVE THE OPTION OF BEING POURTUGESE.besides the games are expensive even for me -_-. why are you getting this child a ps3 anyway?well bottom line the US GAMES DONT HAVE OPTION OF POURTUGESE LAINGUGE AS DIALOUGE

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