Home Xbox Forum Any way to play xbox live for free? :

Any way to play xbox live for free? :



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  1. SORRY FOR THIS STUPID QUESTION SORRY My dad dosnt want to buy me xbox live gold or give me money, i know you can make a new account and get a month free but nah.Any real working ways or some other crap like that, passover a 48 hour pass. ONCE AGAIN SORRY FOR A DUMB QUESTION DONT CALL ME A BAD NAME

  2. If your parents won’t pay for it, try finding a way to make some money to buy it yourself. Walk around your neighborhood and offer to do work for your neighbors. Maybe washing cars, sweeping leaves, shoveling snow, walking dogs, etc.

    Alternatively, see if you can strike a deal with your dad, such as doing the dishes or laundry regularly in exchange for Xbox Live. He might be impressed that you’re showing the responsibility to work for it. Get creative.

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