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Any opinions on good games for me?


I am buying a Xbox 360 Slim 250GB on Christmas with 2 Controllers.

Problem:Games here in Brazil and the Xbox Slim itself are very expensive because of the TAX. An Xbox Slim over here is $1000 US Dollars and a Game is $110 US dollars, SO I need good suggestions on games so that I can have them for a long time untill I update to new ones.

I like games to play with friends and guests at my house, or alone aswell.


Racing: Forza 3 (its comming with the Xbox bundle pack for free) & F1 2010.

War/guns: Gears of War 2

Football/Soccer: FIFA 11

OBS.: This is my first console.

THANKS GUYS! Tell me what you think.

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  1. You could always get the latest in the Call of Duty series, Call of Duty: Black Ops. It’s sure to be a huge hit and you will be able to play the single player campaign or the multiplayer until the new Call of Duty comes out in about a year.

  2. BUY A PS3

    i have both a xbox 360 and a ps3

    if money is a problem you might want a ps3

    you just pay to buy it and that is it

    in xbox you have to pay for xbox live

    you even have to pay to change your name

    you pay separately for each account and if you want to connect it with your pc you need windows

  3. Assassins creed : Brotherhood and Call Of Duty : Black Ops (which are not out yet) are good ideas the are both multi-players. Fifa 11 is also a very good idea

  4. call of duty: black ops, comes out in two days and is going to be so worth it. forza motorsport 3 is a very good racing simulator and fifa 11 is so much better that fifa 10 or pes 2011 so yer good choices,

    are games really $110 dollars over there, thats outrageous

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