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An xbox original question.?


I have an original xbox that i bought a couple years ago. It recently stopped working, and i dont know why. When i put a disk in (it does not matter which, none work) it brings up a prompt saying the disk can not be read. Does anyone know what might be wrong with it or how to fix it? I also realize it is rather old.

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  1. I Had The Exact Same Problem My Friend Told Me To Open It But It Said Not Too On The Bottom So I Kinda Put A Butter Knife In The Side Fan Cords And Wiggled It And It Worked Again So Maybe If You Try It’ll Work.

  2. it could be that microsoft, due to lack of sales. shut out and off all xbox originals, deleting all writes to work and making it impossible to use. Since a new xbox is being made, microsoft erased the ability to use the xbox original and only to use the xbox360, it could be a hardware issue since it might just be LIVE that they shut off, i would try giving them a call

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