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Am I doing the right thing to my xbox 360 and the other items? Please read below I need your help. Thanks?


So school tomorrow so I have to put away the xbox. I have suit case that I put everything in. So I just take the box where my xbox 360 S came from and I put it in. I put the box in a gamestop big bag. I leave it flat and I put it in my suitcase on the left side corner. Now I my 4 games (its in a case? And put it in front of the xbox (in the bottom left corner) Now I put my kinect in the kinect box but I wrap the kinect wire around the kinect and I put the xbox 360 red white and yellow wire in front of the kinect in the kinect box since there’s room. Although I have to kinda wrap make it fit so i wrap the wire together like twirl or something like that. Then I put my nyko battery charger in the nyko box. I put the kinect box in a new gamestop big bag and I put the nyko box next to it. I lay it flat and put the bag in the right side corner. Then I take my power brick in a mini GameStop bag but I wrap the power brick wire around the brick. Then it’s in a bag. I put it on top of xbox box

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