Home Xbox Forum 4GB Xbox 360 $150 for blackfriday?

4GB Xbox 360 $150 for blackfriday?


What’s the cheapest or best deal for xbox360s for blackfriday? I’ll have $130 if I’m lucky I’ll get $70 from my brother anyone can help me on what to do?

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  1. Buy it from ebay, it may seem bad but it’s worth it because you need to find the right one and you can get it under your price, search on amazon as well if you want.

    actually Fukck all of the above, found one: [url is not allowed]

    less than 130 or 110 if you bid.

  2. Don’t buy it used or from ebay, The 360s have a tendency to mess up alot and if you have no warranty you will be screwed. Personally I payed 150$ for a 20gig pro brand new so I would say try to keep it around that price. ( make sure you get reach with it) <3

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