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Xbox Live connection through a phone jack?


I have a computer with a modem that allows it to connect to the internet, and I have dsl. If I wanted to hook up my xbox 360 into xbox live in a different room, what would I have to do? Would I need to buy another modem, or is there someway I can go right through the phone jack?

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  1. no! You will have to get a ethernet cord long enought to go into the room. Then plug it into the router you dsl is through! I would suggest geting a wireless router! With a wireless adapter for your xbox!

  2. Get a router that has a USB and ETHERNET port or 2 ethernet ports. so u can plug the comp to the usb and the 360 to the ethernet. You have to connect ur 360 to a DSL conenction.360 doesnt support phone jacks even if it does itll be too slow.

  3. You have to buy a router to split your internet. Then you have to run a ETHERNET cord out to your systems that you have to have acess to the internet.

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