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Xbox 360 wireless controller problem?


Okay so I haven’t played on my xbox 360 for about 6-8 months and when I tried to turn it on with my xbox 360 it didn’t work. I first thought I need new batteries cause I haven’t replaced/used in the longest time. When I opened my battery pack, there was some white powder? and it also doesn’t connect anymore. Is there any solutions, I can do to fix the controller and I also want to know if I can’t fix it, can I just buy the play n’ charge and use the charger to play with?

By the way I don’t have this happend all on a normal controller not the recharge ables.

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  1. uh here’s an answer to your question, but this time it’s just regarding a tv remote, but you can do the same to an xbox controller

    [url is not allowed].

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