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Xbox 360 VGA Problem. Picture Blur?


Well, I’m running 1080p on my VGA on a 22″ Monitor, and I only seem to have one problem. It’s not noticeable when the screen is bright, only when it’s darker.

Imagine it like photoshop

Whenever I see text, it almost seems to have two layers. The actual video is a layer.

The other layer is a copy of that video, just moved to the right a bit with an opacity of like 15%.

It’s REALLY bugging me. I know it’s not my monitor that has the problem since my DVI works flawlessly. Just the VGA is bugging me. The reason I don’t use DVI is because it and it’s HDMI adapter are too big to put into the back of my monitor and the only time I did, I thought i was going to break the monitor through the pressure that I exerted to put it in.

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  1. Do you have an official VGA cable? Some of the third party ones have poor picture quality. If not, try changing some of the video settings. Or Maybe adjust some of your monitors settings.

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