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Xbox 360 Slim – USB as HDD?


I’ve decided to go get Skyrim for the X360 instead of the PC since it won’t be able to handle it well, and from my experiences with Fallout New Vegas on consoles the load times are pretty terrible.

That being said, I’d like to save it onto a hard drive but only have a 4 GB Model of the Slim. I don’t want to spend any money on an entire HDD and do need to get a few 16 GB USB’s

That being said, is it possible to save games onto the USB’s and play them? (I’d still have the disc, of course.) How much faster would the load times compared to reading off the disc?

Assuming the above can be done, what are some specific USB’s that would work well? (I found a few Corsair 16 GB’s for $20 on amazon.)

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  1. The 360 will not allow you to install games to a USB device. You can only use USB storage for archiving files – like a DLC for a game you aren’t currently playing.

    Seriously, just go to Gamestop and buy a used hard drive for the 360 Slim. It’s not going to be much more expensive than buying a pair of 16GB USB thumbdrives, and will be *much* more useful.

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