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Xbox 360 Slim heats up way to quick?


Hi so around 2 weeks ago, i decided to get an Xbox 360 slim and i noticed it gets really warm when i feel the vent. I was playing Black ops for maybe an hour? and then i took it out to play some halo reach and it was really warm so i felt the vent. It was extremely warm after an hour of gameplay(roughly 45 min ish) Is this normal? I put it in like 2 level shelf tv table but when i play, i always open the glass frames. Do i need to get like a cooling system or is this ok?

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  1. I have my standing up on the top of my entertainment center.

    My little brother stayed at my place for a week. my XBOX was literally on for 56 hours straight and had no problems. I have it on probably 4-5 hours straight a day.

    Last.FM is a lifesaver

  2. It’s fine. It just has 1 large fan instead of smaller fans. Just keep it WELL ventilated and it’ll be fine.

  3. It should be fine. KEEP IT WELL VENTILATED! And I mean VERY well. Try to keep as less possible stuff by it at all times.

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