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Xbox 360 Repair?


My system has been sitting in the repair center since November 1st and according to a representative I talked to this past weekend, my system haden’t been ‘touched’ by a repair man yet. WTF is going on down there? Does this repair time normally take this long? I live in PA and I shipped the system to them October 29th. It’s already been three weeks and nothing has been done. I picked my Assassin’s Creed pre-order today and my Guitar Hero 3 pre-order two weeks ago. When should I expect to see an email saying that my system is being shipped back?

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  1. I live in Oregon and it took them exactly 3 weeks, from the point where i sent it to them, for them to return it back to me.

    They don’t send you your xbox back, but they will send a refurbished one or if you’re lucky, a new one. Your 360 should be coming back to you by Nov 21

    I got a refurb back and it works fine now. And I’ve been playing for about 4 weeks and nothing wrong.

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