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Xbox 360 red ring of light?


How much does it cost to get a Xbox 360 repaired when it has got three red lights flashing on the ring of light?

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  1. 1 Light means it is broken, and def needs repair. 2 means hardware. 3 means overheating and/or hardware 4 is cables not conneceted.


  2. The three red lights shouldn’t be a problem with the console, just a power supply probelm.

    Try pushing all the cables in again making sure all is connected well and there should be no problems.

  3. not sure how much it would be but microsoft extended the guarentee on there consoles upto 2 years now, so depending how long u have had it, give them a ring, the same problem happened to me and they repaired in for free.

    mine was 1 year and 7months old, give them a call!

  4. It costs £300 you wasted on Microsoft and £400 for you to buy a super PS3 that will be the best games console in one years time.

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