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Xbox 360 new disc format XGD3?


Will the newest disc format released by Xbox Live make certain games unplayable on the older, non-updated consoles? Like new games that are released in the future that use the new format.

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  1. The newest disc format has nothing to do with xbox live,its as you say a disc format thats being released in the near future. The disc has basically an 1gb of data thats made up of security sectors & hash checks to combat piracy. Instead of the standard 6.8gb game disc its will become a 7.8gb game disc which is said cannot be copied anymore,wether this is true or not is yet to be determined. There are some games released now with the XDG3 format. Your console will not play these games or any games that require any form of update thats built into the disc unless you agree to the update,if you dont agree to the update then the game will not play. If you have a reason not to update your console then i suggest buying another console that your willing to allow the game disc updates to be applied to.

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