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Xbox 360 lost gamertag help?


So i turn my xbox 360 on, and my profile was gone. I tryed to recover it but i forgot the password because i made it 5 years ago. The only reason i made the hotmail email was to have access to xbox live.i have just had it set to auto sign in. I called 1800-4 my xbox and they said i just have to start over and make a new account. Start over? What about 30,000 gamer points and the hundreds of dollars spent on monthly meberships and downloading games for 5 years?

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  1. If you remember the email go to the email provider website e.g. hotmail, then click “Forgotten Password” try guess your recovery questions or try sending a email to the alternative email (if you can remember that). Email: [email is not allowed] if you know your email linked to the account send it to me and I’ll try guess your recoveries to help you get it back.

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