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Xbox 360 Game Downloads?


Can’t you download games to the hard drive of an xbox 360?

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  1. there are certain xbox games u can download and then there are arcade games to download, but u need microsoft points to do this and u also need xbox live. as for 360 games no i don’t think u can

  2. yea, make sure game is virus free. buy a special program for you xbox whixh will bost around $150. then learn to use it. find a site to download.but why go through all that trouble when you can buy a game for 40.99?

  3. You can rip the information to the hard drive, but you can’t play them without the disc. It’s like when you install a game on your computer; it transfers all the information from the disc to the drive, but you still need the disc (or.cue) to play the game.

  4. Yes you can but all it does it make the game load faster. I tried so i could get free games. But it doesnt work. Lol

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