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Xbox 360 controller for PC?


So I’v wanted an Xbox 360 ever since I became obsessed with CoD. But I cant quite afford an Xbox, so I got this random idea where maybe I could by the PC version of Black Ops and buy an Xbox controller so I could still get that same “feel”. I don’t like playing with the keyboard so using a controller would be ideal for me. But I’m scared there might be some complications while playing it. Is the game “feel” any different on PC than playing it on Xbox? For example, will it lag or will the quality be bad? And will my idea even work? I really don’t want to buy something as expensive as an Xbox, so I reeaally want it to work on my PC!

Please help! Thanks

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  1. You can use a controller to do just about anything on a PC, providing you google and install the right software for whatever it is you’re trying to do. I don’t know much about cod, but being a first person shooter I’d think it would already be compatible with a 360 controller. Or any USB controller. You might have to map the buttons to their functions though. Quality and lag depend on how powerful your PC is and shouldn’t change with the addition of a controller. As far as “feel” goes, just mess around with the sensitivity options until its just right for you.

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