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Xbox 360 Controller disconnect a lot?


Why does this happan and how do you check if theres batteries or not i just got it on Dec. 26. When i put in a game and start playing it disconnect every like 10 seconds. HELP!

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  1. I guessing you have tried putting in new batteries in? On the back of the controller in the middle is the battery pack.

    If that isn’t it then.

    I had a problem with this when the cover that holds the batteries in was snapping on the back of the controller, but was very loose. So try checking that first. When you put the battery pack on the back just use your finger and see if it moves still, it should be fit tightly on there with out moving.

    I would see if you could return the controller and get a new one.

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    How to check if there’s batteries? well, you see the big lump that’s sticking out of the back? press the button on the top and pull it off. The batteries will be inside. Thats the problem most likely. Hope that helped!

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