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xbox 360 3 red lights, forced to appear


is there a way pushing some button(s) and make the 3 red lights to appear, then pushing again button(s)buttons, return back to normal?

my 360 was “normal” but my brother in law claims that is broken, he turned it on but hiding from me in the process, now I have the 3 red light, NO WAY!! I played for almost a year, with no issues, perfect working condition. He has pushed me me to buy his elite version, because mine was going to fail, so this past week I Played daily 2 hours in a row, absolutely right and today he came home and told me “let me show how your 360 is waysted he didnt let me see how he turned it on and the 3 red lights appeared and he told me ” see? is waysted” NO WAY I dont belive him, his is doing something so my 360 looks broken and push me to buy his elite version because he now wants a PS3 bute needs to sell first his 360 elite

please help

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  1. He may have just unplugged one of the cables, not the power cord, the other one.no idea what its called, the name slips my mind right now but if you do unplug that and turn on the 360, it will give you a red ring

  2. Hi,

    Unfortunately the 3 red rings appear when the GPU and the CPU have burnt out and there is not alot you can do except look for a way to repair the system.

    You can give MS a ring and then you send it off and it will take about 4 weeks to get a working console back to you!

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