Home Playstation Forum Witch PS3 game should i buy? I got 50$?

Witch PS3 game should i buy? I got 50$?


I mostly like games with a story and you can pick stuff up but that you can also do different missions at once and go in cars and do stuff not just a story. i was thinking Fall out new vegas, god father 2, mafia 2, oblivion. Witch is better for me?

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  1. Mafia 2 was a big let down, it isn’t that good, IGN gave it a 7/10. The best up there is Fall Out New Vegas, but Fall Out 3 is better and only like 15 bucks. Oblivion is good too, the rest aren’t really good, but ok games.

    I suggest you get these games for you:

    Red Dead Redemption- (40 new, 30 used) Plenty of side missions, amazing story, great graphics. GTA Western Edition 40+ hours of single player. Also has multi-player. IGN- 9.7/10

    GTA 4- (20 new, 15 used) City’s plenty of side missions, a lot of stuff to do. IGN- 10/10 (Though Red Dead Redemption is wayyy funner)

    Fall Out New Vegas (30 new, 25 used)- Good, different story from Fall Out 3, hours of single-player, but not as good as Fall Out 3. IGN 8.5/10

    Infamous (30 new, 25 used)- Best super hero game, you can be good or bad, not as long as the others but really good. IGN 9.1/10

  2. Mafia 2 but get gta if u dont have the games literally amazing and its cheap now to.

    Also orange box is a fps but its very good and its like cod or battle field

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  4. Fallout New Vegas and Oblivion are both amazing games, If you aren’t connected to the internet with you PS3, get Oblivion. Fallout has tons of game crashes, but that’s if you don’t have PSN. If you do, definitely get Fallout New Vegas. But if you can, instead get Oblivion and Fallout 3. It should come up to $50.

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