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Wireless ps3 headset help!?


ok so the other day i bought a wireless headset , i ready the instructions turned it on until it was flashing red and green and then went into bluetooth mode and it wouldn’t scan? so then i kept trying and before one of the scans the wireless headset cam up so i pressed triangle pressed connect and a error message cam up ” a connection could not be established (80010009) ” how to i get it to work? thanks!

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  1. First off im sorry if what i am about to say isn’t 100% accurate since i dont have my ps3 here to check and i haven’t used my bluetooth headset since i got my turtlebeach p21

    anyways if you have the official Sony bluetooth headset then what i did was use the wire that you use to charge your ps3 controller and plug the mini usb end in the headset

    for the Sony bluetooth one then it should be on top

    then hold the power button and the mute button together until it connects

    but try Youtube and find some videos

    Sorry but normally i would find the video and post it here for you but im in China right now visitng some relatives and we can’t access youtube since china has it blocked

    so sorry but hope it helped

  2. Shut everything down, make sure the headset is charged and then try again. Go to settings then manage Bluetooth Devices. Turn on the headset and then click on register new devices. If it doesnt work then maybe somethings wrong with the headset. Good Luck

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