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will this hurt my ps3?


i just found my gta4 disk and it had a inch long crack in it along the edge about a centimeter into the disk and its just hanging by a thread. i put it into my ps3 to see if it would work and to my disbelief iit did. but now i dont know if its good for my ps3 cause the brake is pointed upwards a bit.
ok i just pulled off the broke part and amazingly it still works will it still hurt the ps3? im not running it now just in case

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  1. i would’t take any chances with that. if it’s hanging by a thread, it might get loose because of the spinning motion of the disc. it will jam and damage your laser reader. just get a preowned disc. it’s much more cheaper than damaging your ps3.

  2. Not a good idea. With a chunk missing from the disc, it throws off the balance as it spins. This could cause the disc to wobble and damage the lens or worse.

    Look at it this way, would you rather replace the disc or your PS3? Not worth the risk in my opinion.

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