Home Playstation Forum Will There Ever Be An Update For Ps3 To Play PS2 Games?

Will There Ever Be An Update For Ps3 To Play PS2 Games?


On The 40Gb PS3

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  1. It does miss the hardware

    I guess that yes Sony if they desire so could work on an Software Emulator. They did it in the European 60Gbyte version. Of course. there they still had the PS2’s GPU so. That really is the problem even the high speed memory of the PS3 [XDR] is no match for the 2560bits [yes 2560 bits] memory access of the PS2 s GPU!

  2. no.

    however, keep your ear to the online ground. rumors abound about an external drive for PS3 that could be used to play PS2 games.

  3. probably not. they built it into the older systems with hardware to read the ps2 games. the newer ones don’t have that hardware in them. if you have ever heard of jailbreaking, i’m sure there will soon be a HomeBrew application for ps3 that lets you use a ps2 EMULATOR, but not actually play the original discs.

  4. a simple update isn’t possible for a PS3 to play PS2 games. PS2 and PS3 uses different hardware, that they use to play different games.

    just hold up, there’s an external patent that may allow PS2 play back, floating around.

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