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Will the Xbox 720 do away with controllers?


I heard of some of the rumors about it being completely hand motion sensitized therefore not having any controllers at all. I think its a pretty neat idea, but sometimes don’t you just want to kick back and have a regular controller to play on? I think Microsoft should give you an either/or option to where you can use the controller-less option or the regular 360 controller to use whenever you want.

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  1. What you are talking about is called Project Natal. It is an add-on for the 360 that was announced a few months ago at E3 and should be available in 2010. It is NOT the next version of the xbox. And except for a few games specifically designed for it, you will have the option to use standard controls as well (the games woudn’t sell very well if people who hadn’t bought natal couldn’t play them).

    Microsoft also said around E3 that they expect the 360 to have about a 10 year life cycle. That would put the next version of the xbox out around 2015. The xbox 720 development stuff is basically conceptual at this point.

  2. There is nothing comfirmed about the Xbox720 besides Microsoft making a Xbox720. All rumors as of now are nothing more than rumors and should not be taken seriosly. Good day Sir!

  3. i saw somthing about the new xbox. i can’t remeber what its called but it has contacts that you put in your eyes!

  4. The motion thing is called Project Natal. It’s just an add on for the xbox 360 so you can either play with a controller or you could play some of the controller free games.

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