Home Xbox Forum Will Microsoft fix my RROD Xbox even tho the seal is broke?

Will Microsoft fix my RROD Xbox even tho the seal is broke?


Well i bought one that had a good seal and it had RROD. I tried to fix it and falied. I got a shipping label from microsoft they said they will fix for free. If I send it to them will they still fix it, even tho the seal is broke and I already tried to repair it?


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  1. First of all, that seal was the only reason for them to ever repair it for you. I respect the DIY spirit in you as I had the the RRoD as well. Best you could hope for is explaining that the seal is broke and expecting to pay enough money that you will probably consider buying a new one all together. In my case, I purchased a used console that from from the original batch to come out of Microsoft, the ones that failed when you looked at them wrong. I’m happy to say I got a few good years out of it, but then I did get the three lights. If there’s absolutely no way for you to get it legitimately repaired, I suggest purchasing one of the X=Clamp fixes people on the internet have been selling.

    Essentially its 8 bolts and some nylon and metal washers that you could get yourself elsewhere, as well as some new thermal compound (artic silver). Its not that scary of a fix to do if you’ve ever messed with your pc insides. I did the fix about a month or so ago and my lil 360 has been running pretty great.

    Still sounds like a jet engine taking off when I play games without first installing them to the hard drive, but what can you do, that’s part of the charm I guess.

  2. buy a seal on ebay and stick it on.thats what i didnt and they fixed my modded 360,and send it back still modded and fixed.dummies

  3. No they won’t and you should have told them you messed with it before you asked for a label. If you send it in, they will send it right back to you.

  4. No duh. They fix it as they legally have to if it is under warranty. The seal is the warranty sticker so if you take it off, it’s no longer under warranty, and microsoft don’t legally have to fix it. If they don’t legally have to, they won’t as it costs them money. There is no point of even sending it because you’ll just get it back. However, they are SO easy to fix so I would just look at some tutorials on the web and try again. PS DO NOT do the towel trick.

  5. Probably. Most of the time, they don’t even open them anymore, they just throw em away and send you a new one in the old case.

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