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Why did games like COD and HALO start marketing to little kids and eventually ruin xbox live as a whole?


i quit playing halfway through halo 3

Reach makes me sick when i see it. armor lock and betraying

Gears is ruined

Cod has been garbage for years. bo and mw3 are a disgrace, other cods have been taken by hackers

Nothing but betraying camping boosting, * talking or NO talking, hackin glitchin, all the other bs

What happened to “good game” after every match? callouts? rematches? staying in the lobby. People that knew how to use a mic

you shouldnt have to find a 1 out of a million clan that might be mature just to enjoy the games

im always reading about how halo lost all of its real fans and cod is doing the same.

just so they can sell copies and have little kids * it all up, do they not know they are killing themselves?

Also no other games can survive online because of this bs.

COD has turned into an evil money making empire that markets to 11 year olds

anybody feel the same? ive turned to a happy life of pc gaming and its going great, but still wonder

where it all went so wrong, and why they let it happen

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  1. Well it’s kind simple. When you’re an adult you look at it “Haaah no effying way i’ll pay 60 bucks for this piece of crap!”. Or when you actually do pay 60 bucks for the so called “crap” you’ll start looking like “Meh. this game’s graphics is not so good” or “Huh. the plot really sucks.actually.”or “Damn this gameplay makes no sense at all!” (Not saying that any of the said games actually are all of those!)

    So yeh, basically selling to little kids who are mostly hard-headed it’s easier because you don’t need to do big things or change things or fix things and just sit there and get loooods of emone. Besides, kids parents will pay any kind of money for any kind of game that’s “mainstream”. So basically yeh, just big companies trying to get more money ruining the fun of all others. Nothing too new about it.

  2. They aren’t marketed towards kids, most of them have M ratings, or elsewhere, ratings which cannot be purchased by children. If you can solve the age old problem of people always wanting to watch or play things they’re not old enough for, be my guest.

  3. If you were any good you k/d % should be 2.0 or greater.but then again the culture of people padding their stats and leaving games early tends to ruin everything now.

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