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Why can’t I download project diva F on my PS3 super slim?


I purchased a Playstation Network Card $50.00 from Walmart online so I can purchase Project Diva F on my PS3, because it is only online and I couldn’t get it on Amazon Japan. I have a PS3 super slim 12gb and I guess because of the system update it took a lot of the memory. Anyways I proceed to buy the game and I try to download it but it says I don’t have enough memory even though I do not have another game or demo installed. I check the System Info and it says I have 8gb left and even though it takes 5.6 gb I still can’t download. I know I can buy a 2.5 hard drive with a bracket, but is there any other solution I can try?

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  1. The only solution is to buy a hard drive. 12GB is not very much at all. The thing is with downloaded games you MUST have twice the space to download and install. So in this case you would need about 12 GB free — 5.6 download PLUS 5.6 install = 11.2 GB. That doesn’t include additional reserved space.

  2. a game that’s 5.6 GB requires at least 11.2 GB to download , if you download it then you won’t have the space to install the game ( after installation the space used to download is freed up again )

    all ps3 games need twice the space as the game file size ti download and install

    if you have 8GB free and downloaded a 5.6 Gb game you only have 2.4 GB left , not even close to the 5.6 you need to install it

    You can format the console and hope you have 11.2 gb free space or more but if you want to download games you really need more than 12GB , you need to install a proper hard drive

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