Home Playstation Forum Which has better graphics, an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3?

Which has better graphics, an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3?



  1. Ps3 is the bomb its just that developers keep the graphics the same as xbox cuz they dont wanna mess up but if u check out games like uncharted and killzone ps3 is awesome

  2. “What people fail to recognize is that in most cases the XBox 360 and the Playstation 3 graphics are about the same. That’s because the developers have each console render the exact same data. However, in the case that the XBox 360 had reached it’s limit the Playstation 3 would still be capable of carrying on.” -MrGoldfish1

    You will find that PS3 exclusives will have breath taking graphics because they harness more of the power of the PS3, but even then they are yet to use it’s full potential.

    Some people also say that PS3 is darker than the Xbox 360, but when you see these kind of comparison pictures, it’s not that the PS3 is darker, the PS3’s graphics are actually smoother, crisper, and more accurate. The Xbox 360 is brighter and doesn’t seem to display accurate color correction.

  3. their both pretty much the same, Xbox 360 is just more brighter than PS3 and PS3 is just darker than Xbox 360 when it comes to their colors.

  4. ps3 has better graphics capabilities however, it doesnt make much diffrence as most developers are lazy and keep ps3 graphics the same as x-box 360

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  6. They can both support 1080p HDMI graphics, and the colors don’t really matter simply because you can turn the brightness of your TV up. I would say that the PS3 is the better system though, even though they’re both great.

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