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Where can I take my PS3 to find out what’s wrong with it and get it repaired?


The problem is that my discs won’t play, but the games that I have digitally downloaded onto my PS3 will. There are no stratches on the discs and they were working perfectly fine yesterday.

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  1. Dirty or broken lens

    Or, loose ribbon cable. The ribbon cable found under the disk drive is how the drive communicates with the cpu. If this cable came loose, you could insert and eject disks without a problem, but the disc would not appear on the xmb, as the drive would be unable to communicate with the processor

    Or you could have a completely dead disk drive altogether. Although this seems unlikely with the info given. It is most likely the first problem I listed

    If cleaning the lens does not fix the problem, then you should carefully open the system and check the disk drives ribbon cable. It attaches into a flap slot on the motherboard. Its a simple fix, and one that you should be able to do very easily

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