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Where can i buy movies for the ps3?


Hello. I have ps3 and i knew it could play movies so i was wondering where is a safe place to buy movies for it. I have a pen drive so i can buy it on my laptop and transfer it. I dont mind paying but it has to be safe. I know that itunes dosen’t work becuase it is secured. Also if i buy blu-ray movies or regular dvds can i copy them to my hard drive.

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  1. Limewire, download movies from there, then transfer them via a flash drive. What i just found out (a tip) is that you cant copy music, movies, pics, etc. if your currently watching a movie or listening to music, you have to exit out of them to copy.

  2. I’ve never bought a movie online, so I can’t answer the first question. But you can’t copy movies from Blue-Ray and DVD discs onto the hardrive. They’re copyrighted, so its illegal. I’m sure there’s someone somewhere working on a program to do it, but just don’t. Come on now, people.

  3. There is some web sites online you can find movies, cartoons, tv shows ect. and you download it to usb flash drive under ps3 –> documents –> Movies then save it.

  4. You need a bluray drive to rip bluray movies.

    Certain countries allow 1 backup copy of a DVD for personal use (not the US).

    I recommend against pirating movies, simply because the MPAA is annoying and will hit you with lawsuits (99% of people on Limewire don’t know how not to get caught), and you’ll probably get viruses. Top that off with the knowledge that some stuff has to be copied to the PS3 drive to play, and it can’t play DivX files more than a certain size, and that it only accepts certain codecs, you’re better off going legit and putting the disc in to play.

    Stuff you buy on the internet is DRM’d so you can’t transfer them to your flash drive, mp3 player, or whatever.

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