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When is playstation network going to be back up?



  1. Tomorrow.


    I work at Sony PSN and I heard a comment about PSN working, I heard it through heating vent that comes from the basement where the PSN computer guys hang out

    In fact, I think they already fixed it because it sounds like they were playing COD MW2 with other PSN computer guys from other countries.

  2. Sony has not conferred a date when it will be back up. Exept “full” Network Services of May 31st. Online gaming should be back bet between now and 2 weeks.

  3. The PS Blog said May 31, however they have posted added comments saying it will be up in the next couple of days. Check out the PS Blog (just google it for the website) and you can get more info.

  4. Hey 🙂 The PSN Blog says they don’t know a proper date but they are doing/fixing the last update touches!

  5. no one knows when psn will be back up and running and it does seem like it will never come on but it will we just have to wait people just guessing when it’s gonna come on but just to stay informed go on this website it’s the playstation blog and so far so sony dont know but you have to remember it’s a big thing they are dealing but hope fully it shudn’t be down for much longer hop i helped.

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