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what system is better PS3 or Wii?



  1. i dont know hard to say. i thikn if you are going for more fun get a wii but if you want something cool and good grafics go for ps3. i think you should get the wii. have fun

  2. really depends on what your looking for, if your looking for serious hours of gaming, ps3 if your looking for a fun hour or couple of hours with/without friends or family the wii is a definate choice

    If your looking for cracking online play go with a 360, but be warned. the are seriously flawed and the customer support is just awful

  3. PS3 if you want a real gaming system the wii is a novelty your money is much better spent look you get blu ray full 1080p game s

  4. I have both systems and WII Is better than the ps3. because it has more games and the games are much more fun!

  5. Playstation 3 if you are over 8

    It has best graphics games free online PLaystation home, all the leading multi format games as well excellent exclusives.

    The wiis motion sensing is too important to the console, it is just a fad and a console running off a fad cant last, on PS3 its an extra, to add some seasoning to games that are almost perfect.

  6. hmm it depends on what you like. Myself i have only played the wii and I have never played the ps3 so I can’t say to myself which one i like better.

    But the wii is fun for like cartoony like games such as mario. But the ps3 has cool graphics and shooting games.

  7. Depend son what you like. My nephew likes his first person shooter games, but he often asks my niece (his sister) to play games on her Wii. Guitar Hero looks the same on both machines. It really comes down to which games you prefer. The Wii has more family oriented games and the PS3 (and Xbox 360) go for more action/violent games.

  8. These two systems can’t even be compared. Wii isn’t considered by many sources as 7th generation console, because it isn’t as technically advanced as PS3. Wii is intended for all-family-fun (your little sister and grandma will love it too), but when it comes to serious gaming, it can’t process graphics and data as PS3 (not even close).

    Look at this as you look at cars: Wii is like a second-hand family-van – old, clumsy, but everyone will fit in, while PS3 is like a serious racing car – definitely not for everyone, but good racer will take it to the sky.

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