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What should I get, Uncharted 3, MW3, Nerf guns, or a new PS3 controller?


I got 55 smackaroos for my Birthday, and cant decide what to get. Tell me what I should get thats above. If something of ur favorite is not there, then tell me what u think.

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  1. Uncharted 3! It has split screen so you can play with your friends, the single player rules, and the multiplayer is great too.

    If you only have one PS3 controller and have games that you wish you could play with your friends locally, buy a PS3 controller undoubtedly. This should be your main goal right now.

    If you like Call of Duty, but don’t/didn’t have Black Ops, I suggest MW3 highly. If I had to choose over this or Uncharted 3, I would probably choose Uncharted 3, but both are good, depending on your taste.

    And then Nerf guns? No. Just. no. You’ll get more play time from your PS3, so don’t invest in Nerf guns.

  2. I have Uncharted 3, I’ve played MW3, I’ve used Nerf Guns and I have Two PS3 controllers.

    I suggest you buy Uncharted 3 because the gameplay is not that long or that short and you can play online or with a friend. There is a Co-op and a Co-op adventure you can play, Co-op adventure you play as Drake, Sully ect and with the other Co-op you play games like Siege (kills only count in area, Goal: 25) Survival (Kill people Goal: 25) and Gold Rush (Put the idol in the chest twice)

    MW3 if you like the COD games.

    Nerf Guns if you like playing them more than the PS3.

    Controller if you only have one.

    Buy the cheapest ones so you might be able to get more than one thing.

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