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What is the possibilty that the new playstation vita will be backwards compatible?


Wanted to see if it would be worth it to go and preorder one or just buy a psp 3001

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  1. The Vita wont be able to play UMD’s if that is what you mean. Theres no place to put games if i remember correctly. Its basically a revamped PSP GO, only downloads but i may be wrong on that. I know there will be games that you can get to play on the VITA and PS3, i know that was one of the main features.

  2. Man people need to learn how to read. I’d say the possibilty that the vita being backwards compatible would be 50-50 because one way or another Sony will lose. If it is backwards compatible they can’t push on the digital progress. But the current state of the digital progress sucks so if they make it digital only the unit won’t sale so it could go either way

  3. you will be able to play all psp games from psn , all ps one games on psn , all playstation suite games and it will have cross platform game with the ps3 but sony hasnt said anything about UMDs yet , i know the vita will use a new game format ( a flash card if im not mistaken ) , if i were you i will get the vita instead

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