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what is the 2 best weapons to use in nazi zombies on call of duty 5 xbox 360?


i was just wondering whats the best weapon me and my m8 normal use what ever we get but i just wanna no whats best the rifles do alot of damage but not fast any 1 no whats weps are best for the nazi zombie mode

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  1. okay there are 4 key guns to describe. all of these guns you can only get through the mystery box in the “HELP” room downstairs

    FLAMETHROWER – The flamethrower only works well if you get into a glitch because then you have unlimited ammo and they cannot touch you but flamethrower is ONLY good if in glitch, otherwise, it doesn’t kill them fast enough

    RAY GUN – The ray gun will kill any zombie in 1 shot but the problems with the ray gun are that it doesn’t have that big of a magazine clip so you will have to be reloading quite a bit which leaves you vulnerable to hordes or zombies in the later levels when they comin at you fast and it only carries 100 total bullets so you’re gonna have to get max ammo quite a bit or keep getting lucky at the mystery box

    MG42 and DEPLOYABLE BROWNING – these are the best 2 guns in my opinion for zombies because they have the largest clip sizes and the some of the faster fire rates. the damage is pretty good so if you hold both of those guns, you can do some serious damage

  2. flamethrower or ray gun.just get into the glitch with the flamethrower and you will get far.trust me

  3. flamethrower and ray gun if your going for the farthest level you can get to

    mg42 and browning.30 cal if your goin for fun and want lots of kills

    ray gun and browning.30 cal if you wanna get buck

  4. Hmm i would say spam the chest out in the help/hell door and get the flame thrower and get the ray gun too and it always help to have a buddy with a mower gun =) ( MG42 good mower)

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