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What do I need to get the best out of the Xbox360 Console?


I’m planning to buy an Xbox360 soon but there are a range of extra things I’ve heard I need. Could some please list the most important things I need for an xbox 360 for example, stuff i need to buy to play xbox live. Also which version of this console is best, or better yet, which is more cost efficient – because I don’t mind getting an xbox360 that does the same things as a higher priced version where the only difference is probably the memory.

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  1. The only extras you really need are: an HDMI cable if your TV accepts HDMI, an extra controller if you’re going to play with a friend, and some games. If you want Xbox Live Gold so you can play online then buy an annual membership for $60. Depending on your network at home you might also need to buy a router and get internet through your local ISP (if you don’t already have an internet provider).

    You may want to look at rechargeable batteries for your controller as well. I use the Nyko batteries and charger base. they seem better than the Microsoft ones.

    I would highly recommend you buy the new Slim console; don’t waste your money on the older consoles. I would personally choose the 250gb model but the 4gb will serve you fine if you’re tight on money. You can always add a hard drive later when you have the funds.

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