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Wait for Fallout New Vegas GOTY or buy the dlc’s now?


Okay so I have love having the goty editions of games, I have Fallout 3, Borderlands, and Oblivion GOTY. Well i like having it in case something like the Psn outage happens and I deleted the data (I have a 120GB and it’s full) Well how long do you think it will be until a GOTY comes out, based on when the ones came out for Fallout 3 and Oblivion? I am betting it will come out a while after the fourth dlc.

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  1. There will be a GOTY after the fourth DLC, Lonesome Road. I would play the game until you get extremely bored with it and then buy a DLC, or the GOTY if it came ou by the time that happened. Also, some other news, there was just a release of a Oblivion pack which comes with ALL DLC. Not just the other missions, every single minor one too. Priced at $30 USD. Hope I helped you make a decision.

  2. i think it doesn’t matter now since you can find Fallout New Vegas on gamestop pre own for 17 or new for 20, the dlc cost 10 so 20+10×4(dlc)=60, which will be the same price for the goty, then if you want it cheaper you will have to wait a year only to find it on 30, but why will you miss playing this awesome game, i personally have the regular version and im having a blast, but ill hold on to my copy until the price drops for the goty edition and sell my regular copy, so in the end you should get the goty because its all in one, and you can actually sell it later on if you wish but if you download the dlc there is no way you can sell it to anyone, so if you really want to play it get it right now, but if you could care less then wait for it to go goty and/or it gets a price drop

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