Home Xbox Forum The xbox 360 HDMI isn’t working with the tv?

The xbox 360 HDMI isn’t working with the tv?


I have a Toshiba 23HLV85 and when ever i connect my xbox 360 with a monster 800hd hdmi cable to my tv, nothing comes up on the screen. Please help.

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  1. Try switching the cables around in different ports, and see if that’s any better. Also, you may have to alter some of your current Xbox 360 display settings, to match your television set.

  2. Did you previously have your Xbox 360 connected using any other cables? Try connecting again via hdmi, turn the console off take out your hard drive and power the unit on, if it powers on change the resolution to your desired resolution and turn the console off, reattach the hard drive and see if it powers on.

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