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Taking care ps3 super slim?


I just bought my new blue ps3 superslim. I place my ps3 on my 2 fan laptop cooler with is not flat. Is it okay I put it like that?

Then, after an hour I played it, my ps3 become warm. Just warm, but not too hot before I put it on my laptop cooler. Is it okay if im continue play with it? Or I need to buy more usb fan for my ps3?

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  1. The Super Slim is the most heat proof ps3, what I mean by that is that, the SS wont overheat as much as the previous model.

    I’ve used mines for nearly a year (Got it in March, last year) and I’ve only had one problem with it (The first one I had was faulty) but the replacement I got has been perfect! (touch wood).

    Oh and its perfectly natural for a Ps3 (Or any device) to get warm.

    So, play without worry ^^

  2. You honestly probably don't need to use a cooling fan. If the back of the ps3 gets warm while using, it means the internal fans are doing their job, blowing hot air out of the system. You should be worried if you don't feel hot air coming out the back

  3. go ahead and continue to use it. you should only be worried if it gets really hot.

    i’ve left my ps3 slim on for like a month at a time and never had any problems, so it’s not a big problem.

  4. My PS3 superslim is black, I wanted the blue one! :/. Anyways this PS3 is suppose to not suffer from the same problems that the older ones suffered from, also it supposedly puts less dollars on your electric bill.

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