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Some questions about the PS3?


I have a few questions to ask before buy a PS3 (:D)

1. Is it true the new models have no backwards compatability?

2. Should I format the HDD before I put any stuff on it?

3. And also very stupidly is there a danger of the OS beeing wiped if I format the HDD?

4. How fragile is it?

5. Does it come with a HD cable?

Thanks in advance

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  1. 1- 40 Gig models are not, 60 and 80 Gig models are.

    2- No, don’t bother.

    3- I doubt it.

    4- It’s very solid and well made, but don’t drop it or anything!

    5- Nope.

  2. 1. Only the 40GB PS3 has no backward compatibility

    2. You don’t need to format the HDD already inside of the PS3, it should already be formatted. If you buy a new hard drive and put it inside of the PS3, the PS3 will ask you to format it first and you can format it by using the PS3.

    3. The OS is not in danger of being wiped out if you format the HDD.

    4. The PS3 isn’t fragile in terms of construction (it weighs a little more than 10 pounds.) But the PS3 should be handled with care.

    5. No, the PS3 doesn’t come with an HD cable. It only comes with composite cables.


    1. 40 gig version can play certain PS2 games (unkown which

    60gig fine all through

    80gig (HK import) very OK

    2. no HDD are safe from PS 3

    3. only if you put magnets on top of it

    4. solid as a brick sh%^house but dont throw it down the road

    5. 40gig no

    60 gig yes/no depends on supplyer

    80gig (hk import) ohhhhh yes

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