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Skyrim new game deleted my old save? (PS3)?


I had a saved game of my level 15 or so main character and decided to play a new game for fun, now when i go to load my old save with my original character I cant find it, only the auto saves and loads for my “new” character. I looked in my Save Data Utility, but I still can’t find it. Can someone help please? 🙁

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  1. Its gone its like skyrim only has kne file slot. Thats why when you go to new game it erases. I heard of something where you access the files but you ll have to do some research in that im not sure how it works

  2. I know this topic is old, but oh well.

    I remember when I got Skyrim, I had no internet and couldn’t update the game. Before I updated it, I was acctually able to have to save files on one user.

  3. that’s just how skyrim saves , it overwrites the previous save

    if you start a new game you lose your progress unless you either copied your old save to a flash drive or are logged into a different user on your ps3

    you can also create a new user then copy the save to the new user , but if you want to reuse the save you would have to delete the new save data then copy your older save back again from the other user

    most ps3 games do the same unless there’s a manual save option and auto saves are disabled for the game.

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