Home Xbox Forum should i buy new video/audio cables for my Xbox 360?

should i buy new video/audio cables for my Xbox 360?


when i turn on my Xbox 360 it wont show the picture i can only hear the sounds of the xbox dashboard

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  1. This one is the best.

    RCA Audio Cable Adaptor for Microsoft xBox 360 [Xbox 360]

    Product Features

    * RCA Audio adapter for non-HDMI supported stereo systems

    * Allows HDMI video to be routed to the HDTV with the audio routed separately to the home theater system

    * Feel confident connecting your console to high-definition equipment with the quality you expect from an authentic xbox product

    * Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound output. Output: RCA Red / White (L / R) channel; Toslink Optical Audio. Color: Gray.

    * Compatible With Microsoft: Xbox 360 / XBOX 360 Slim.

  2. There is way more information needed to answer this question. Are you careless and rough with your cables? If so, there is a remote chance that you damaged the video cable, but if it was working one day, and not the next, then it probably has nothing to do with the cable.

    Did this happen after you moved your xbox or switched TVs? Are you using HD? Are you using HDMI? Are you positive the TV is set up properly? Did you go from a really nice 1080p set to a set that only supports 720p?

    Best bet is to find another TV that works with the xbox, then use the console settings to drop the video mode down to 480p, then reconnect to the dodgy set and see if the problem is solved. Or, try flipping the TV/HD switch on your cable, if there is one.

    Swapping the “blue” and “green” component cables will also cause no picture.

    Give us more info if you can.

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