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Should I buy a ps3 off ebay?


My mom said she would get me a ps3. I told her I want the old ps3 and she said she wants one with a warranty. I really want the fat because, its better then the slim. The slim is downgraded with a bigger hardrive. Is it a way I can get one off ebay with a warranty? I saw a few that were brand new on ebay.

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  1. About your slim vs. fat, the slim is better than the newer PS3 phats but the older (60gb and original 80gb) PS3s were better than the slim. When buying your PS3, make sure it has 4 USB ports, thats how you know its backwards compatible. There isn’t a way to buy something off of eBay wtih warranty because it’s someone else’s stuff and when they sell it, the warranty becomes void.

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